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Sponsor a Child for $29 per month

Do You Want to Transform Someone’s Life? Sponsor One Child in Rural India for $29 per month. Give one child the opportunity to beat the vicious cycle of poverty. Donate today! - See more information below

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​Plant the Seed of Change and Hope for a Better Future!

You can sponsor a child in India to break the cycle of poverty

In some of the poorest rural regions of India, most children cannot finish school and many even don’t study at all. Poor families lack sufficient food, clean water and proper health care. Children start working as early as five years old. To reduce financial stress, many families force girls to marry at the beginning of puberty. It gets even worse - children born with disabilities experience discrimination and stigma even within their own families.

If you would like to help transform people’s lives, sponsor a child with VFF USA! When you join our child sponsorship program, you give a child the chance for a better future. With your generous financial support, this child can complete school and receive adequate healthcare. Most importantly, our sponsorship program supports not only the child but his/her family and the whole community as well. In fact, the entire village benefits from your support! Part of your monthly contribution is used for programs to improve rural development and the living conditions of communities.

Fight poverty with your child sponsorship

Sponsor a child in India to eradicate poverty, one community at a time.

A VFF sponsorship gives girls and boys in rural India access to education and health care. Your support is essential to ensure this access. Your contribution goes to a direct fund that benefits the child, his/her family and the community. Children with disabilities receive additional benefits, such as walking aids, prostheses, and physiotherapy. Sponsorships support the entire community where this child lives, because development cannot be viewed in isolation, and transformation is only possible by strengthening everyone involved. Most importantly, the sponsorship provides the seed of change for the most disadvantaged rural communities, because your support ensures their development and hope for a better future.

Here is How Your Sponsored Child Benefits from Your Support:

School supplies: Every year, the sponsored children receive school materials, including workbooks, rulers, pencils etc.

Health care: Sponsored children receive free medical care in our hospitals.

Education: Sponsored child receive school education and training.


Child sponsorship is a very personal way of giving and sharing your philanthropic efforts. It creates a special bridge between you and a child in need:

  • With only less than one dollar a day, you support your sponsored child, his/her family and the whole community.
  • At the beginning of the sponsorship, you will receive a photo of your sponsored child as well as information about the child and his/her family.
  • Twice a year you will receive a painted picture or a letter from your sponsored child and every three years you will receive a current photo.
  • You can write letters to your sponsored child and visit him/her in India.
  • You can sponsor a child until he/she is 18 years old (23 if he/she continues his/her studies)

Your journey to change a child’s life starts here.

Sponsor a Child Today!