Sponsor a child for $29 per month

Your monthly gift helps improve the living conditions for the child's community so he or she has the best chance for success.


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Every child deserves a strong start – the best chance for a successful future. Children in rural India aren't getting the opportunity to reach their full potential. You can help change that. If you sponsor a child, then you'll give them the gift of a brighter future.

Your donation can give a child:

  • access to school and a free education for them and their siblings
  • access to healthcare including preventative and emergency treatment for them and their families
  • clean drinking water for the community
  • a safe home to live in for the most vulnerable people in their community

Ensuring healthy child development, is an investment in the future workforce and allows rural India to thrive economically and as a society.

When you sponsor a child you will receive a picture of the child and learn about their community. The child you sponsor with the help of our partner Rural Development Trust will send a letter to you each year to keep you informed about their successes because of your support. (Please remember that the mail service for international mail can be slow.)

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