Investing in women is an opportunity, not charity

Supporting women can have serious impact on issues related to poverty, security, the environment, education and health!


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You can fuel freedom

Fifteen dollars is all it takes to bring financial independence to one woman while boosting the overall development of an entire Sangham.

Sanghams - or women's associations - help women break through social and cultural barriers standing in the way of their growth and independence and enable them and their families to thrive. Establishing a sangham in a village enables women to create businesses and support themselves.

Your monthly contribution $15 or more goes directly to the Sangham - impacting training, tools, techonology, and start-up capital for each member of the sangham. Your contribution opens a bank account under the name of the woman you sponsor. The account will gradually accrue interest and at the end of seven years, she will become the owner of this meager but mighty bank account. Small as it may seem, this money enables them to earn the respect of their families and the community while guaranteeing their independence and future financial security.

VFF USA is committed to elevating women and works with well established Sanghams that have already demonstrated commitment, responsibility, and self-sufficiency. Women belonging to the Sanghams we support, manage their own small banks and participate in the "Fund for the Development of Women" which offers non-interest-bearing loans to help additional Sangham members start small businesses to generate income and gain respect and independence.

Your donation fuels freedom. Please sponsor a woman today!

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